"Giovani IPS Albe Steiner" Award

Art Movie
Alexandre Mullen
Key Cast
Nicolas Bouchard Carrier, Catherine Bergeron-Duchesne
Other Festivals
Orlando Film Festival Orlando October 29, 2021 World Premiere United States Short That are not Pants Toronto November 19, 2021 Canadian Premiere Canada Amarcort Film Festival Rimini November 25, 2021 European Premiere Italy Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival Lafayette January 27, 2022 Louisianna Premiere United States FICMARC Caribbean Sea International Film Festival Porlamar January 19, 2022 South-America Premiere Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of SHORT OF THE YEAR Madrid October 12, 2022 Spain Premiere Spain End of Days Film Festival Orlando May 14, 2022 Best apocalyptic story United States Penitente Film Fest Nobsa October 15, 2022 Colombia Premiere Colombia Cine a la calle International short film festival Baranquilla August 20, 2023 Colombia Fixion, Festival de Cine Fant√°stico y de Terror Santiago April 23, 2022 Chile Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Festival Jiangsu December 31, 2022 China

After environmental collapse confines people indoors, survivors cling on to the past through a digital recreation of the cities of yesterday. Every day, Zack chases the same elusive jogger, a programmed background character modeled after a woman he used to know.