ArtInMovimento Popular University

The ArtInMovimento Popular University was founded in February 2014, becoming real soon now an Accredited Training School of the Instution ASI in the Holistic and Oriental Arts Sector, operating contemporaneously at Torino, Biella, Castelletto di Brenzone, Como, Milano, Roma and Locri. Subsequently, step by step, the institution began to excel proficiently in this area, until having been selected as a virtuous reality, and so granted access to the title of Popular University. Actually, in June 2020, it has been offially integrated as a member of the Asscociation CNUPI (Confederazione Nazionale delle Università Popolari Italiane).

The ArtInMovimento Popular University is obliged to the following:

- To promote socio-educational development and learning through non-formal, informal, extracurricular, permanent and continuous training courses, geared to the individual.

- To activate studies, research, experimentation and dissemination of bionatural disciplines taught, subjects taught and holistic arts, deriving from Eastern and Western tradition and research, aimed at promoting psycho-corporeal development and awareness, referred to all age classes, beginning with Reiki, about Shiatsu, Sound therapy, Reflexology, Christology and Radioesthesia, concerning Psychosomatic Mindfulness and Shamanism.

- To promote the construction of a lifestyle that meets one's needs and aspirations, respecting oneself, other human beings, animals and the surrounding environment.

- To implement the study, dissemination and practice of Bio-Natural Disciplines, Holistic and Oriental Subjects and Arts, including. but not limited to Reiki, Kinesiopathy, Kinesiology, Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, SYMM (Strechting-Yoga-Meditating-Mantra), Feldenkrais Method, Shiatsu, Tuina, Amna, Olit, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Energetical and Bioenergetical Practices and Techniques, Pranotherapy, Craniosacral, P.M.T, F.A.A., BARS, Bodyworks, NeuroHypnoCoaching, and all the new subjects and disciplines falling into non-regulated professions. (related to Law 4/2013)

- To activate training courses and dissemination workouts in the expressive arts - music, singing, cinema, theater, painting and photography.

-  To create independent cinema reviews and the “Torino Underground Cinefest”, in synergy with the Systemout Association.

- To create the “Life Beyond Life Film Festival”, in synergy with the Systemout Association, the American Afterlife Association A.R.E.I. and the Religion Today Film Festival.

- To activate courses, study and learning of foreign languages.

- To activate courses of learning, training, in-depth study and research, owing special thanks to the partnership with A.R.E.I., in particular the president Dr. Craig Hogan PhD, on eschatological issues, related to Life beyond Life, which the International Afterlife Conference “Andare Oltre, Uniti Nella Luce” will be organised on, in October.

- As well through the platform SOFIA per la buona Scuola (“The Good School”

 provision), to promote projects, formal and non-formal training courses, aimed at teachers of all levels, in order to bring holistic subjects, in particular, as an innovative tool and method for global wellbeing, more sensitive and natural approach, to furthering and nurturing individual growing of the person,  to raising awareness of the underlying issue, and each form of learning, which is precisely the relationship.

In summary, the ArtInMovimento Popular University promotes a global vision of Human health and Well-being, throughout aiming at stimulating curiosity in its users, and to value all kinds of diversity. Its actions are animated by “spiritual” virtues, such as Hospitality, Respect, Enthusiasm, Love for Learning and Transparency.

The ArtInMovimento Popular University, being a training school, affiliated with the Institution ASI, issues similar qualifications, concerning professional formation on holistic subjects and disciplines.


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