Life Beyond Life Film Festival

The Life Beyond Life Film Festival is proposed by the ArtInMovimento Popular University and the Cultural Association SystemOut (both at Torino, Italy), being in synergy with A.R.E.I. ( The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Normal/IL, USA) and Religion Today Film Festival, and linked to the International Afterlife Conferences Andare Oltre. Uniti nell Luce e Oltre L’Oltre. This Afertlife Cine Fest will lay the focus on eschatological subjects referring, in the main, to the Hereafter.
Death for many cultures represents the great taboo, where instilling fear and terror, anxieties are hidden behind, along with emotions, probably based on a dominant mainstream, that subjects most people by orienting themselves towards particular lifestyles and behaviors.The Life Beyond Life Film Festival, casted on, by an anthropological and esoteric eye, welcomes clips/shorts, medium and feature film, documentaries/fact films, video arts, and cartoons, thematising the terminal care, grief, transition, the visions of the Afterlife, Eternity, Immortality and Destiny; the Coincidences, the Divine, Angels and Demons, Karma and Darma, Samsãra, the Akashi Records, Entanglement, the Multiverse (parallel dimensions), Quantum Physics and Universal Energy. There will be even space for testimonials, narratives, bearing witness specially to the learnings of mediums, psychics and holistic operators, being both in continuos connection with the Afterlife and having had some experiences with it, as well as cinematographic products of great worth, having a significant social and spiritual value, where the message linked to Death will be Hope, Solidarity and Lightness.