A.R.E.I. Europe

A.R.E.I. is the European reference of the American Afterlife Research and Education Institute, a non-profit organisation, committed to spreading the survival of consciousness beyond  the physical Death, and to supporting researchers, scientists and educators, dealing with the Afterlife, promoting investigations, whose discoveries and evolutionary developments will be changing humanity. The Institute is at service for professionals, as well as private persons making trials in Afterlife Communication. A.R.E.I. promotes conferences, seminars and workshops, and offers educational material to support everyone to learn about the afterlife, and the possibilities to communicate with more subtle realms on the other side. It also provides resources, networks and funding for researchers, developers and educators. The goal of AREI is to ensure, that everyone can communicate with their loved ones on the next level of life, to establish and enjoy new comforting relationships, that will lasting for the rest of their time, living on two different levels.

In line with the American base, AREI EUROPE deals with the training and research on Life beyond Life. Additionally it is dedicated to creating a Network among European professionals in that sector, and translating textures, videos and books, to disseminate the most interesting and international research in this area.

A.R.E.I. EUROPE is standing in continuous collaboration with the ArtInMovimento Popular University, partecipating even in the organisation of the International Afterlife Conference at Torino (Italy) “Andare oltre, Uniti nella Luce”, the International Online Conference “Oltre l’Oltre" and the “Life Beyond Life Film Festival”.

A.R.E.I. carried out the study day “Camminando verso l’Essere”, inherent in the Benfit Project “Grazie Signor Bacci!”

The reference of this reality is Evelyn Meuren.

Mobile: +39 3475530247


Religion Today Film Festival

Since 1997 Religion Today has been the foremost international and itinerant film festival dedicated to Cinema and Religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths, cultures, peoples and individuals.

It promotes a journey “exploring the differences”, both in religious practices and beliefs and in cinematic styles and languages, towards a mutual enrichment through reciprocal knowledge and comparison.

Together with the world cinema competition, open to any film with a religious connection, it offers a platform for exchanging ideas and viewpoints, including a “living workshop” involving filmmakers of different faiths and nationalities.

Every edition presents an “annual theme” and includes special events, academic panels and activities for schools and colleges. Religion Today Film Festival is realized by Associazione BiancoNero, situated in Trento - Italy.


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ASI Arti Olistiche Orientali

Ghost Hunters Roma

Ghost Hunters Roma is a No-Profit Scientific Research Association, based in Rome, which analyzes data in the field of the paranormal since 2006.
The GHR deals with the study and classification of: Mediumship, Near-death Experiences, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and many others phenomena related to the branch of the "Psychic Research”.

Filmmaker Day

Filmmaker Day is at VII edition in the next October. Being the date with short and feature films from every corner of the world, it is highly awaited in Turin. The first four edition saw a large turnout of both public and staff members. In particular, a lot of curiosity aroused about those films with an unusual and original cinematographic language.

Filmmaker Day represents one of the side-events born to the most famous Torino Underground Cinefest. The cultural associations ArtInMovimento and Systemout, which have dealt with the dissemination of independent cinema in the area for some years now, are the organizers and promoters of the event.

Filmmaker Day aims at films of any nature and genre with no restrictions or limits in the running time. “Let your creativity flow. No constraints”. The goal is to make people know independent cinema, its authors and always more numerous users.

Collateral 102

Collateral 102 festival promotes the spread of international cinema in the city of Turin and comes from the support of different associations that love art with no boundaries or inhibitions.

Collateral 102 festival addresses to short and feature films, documentaries and animated films from all over the world. “Our goal is to make COLLATERAL 102 a meeting place for directors, producers, actors and actresses, distributors and the crew in general, those who see Turin not only as a fascinating town but also as a place of great opportunities for art circulation”.

Collateral 102 is organized by Università Popolare ArtInMovimento e SystemOut Association.


Koqix Indie Fest

The fourth edition of Koqix Indie Fest is taking place in April 2021. It is going to be the celebration of independent cinema. Films of any genre, running time and budget are more than welcome.

Koqix is organized by the cultural association Systemout that, in the last few years, has become the spokesperson for the indie cinema, not only in Italy.

Koqix Indie Fest has the main purpose to find and select new films that could be interesting for cinephiles, as well as to search for new styles and trends that this art has to offer in order to promote them on a touring show.

Two great news in the fourth edition of Koqix. In addition to the Feature and Short categories, there will be the new Experimental Short and Covid19 categories.


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