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The first tap of “Life beyond Life on the Move”

The first tap of "Life beyond Life on the Move"

Organised by the ArtInMovimento Popular University/Torino, in synergy with the distribution agency Quasi Cinema- will give its tribute in the noted DB d'Essai Cinema Theatre of Lecce/Italy, on Thursday, November 18, at 6.30 pm.  After its glorious partecipation at the XXIV. Religion Today Festival at Trento/Italy recently, presenting  in this occasion a few award movies of the festival's 1st edition, the idea of "Going on tour!" was born. So Lblff, focussing on eschatological themes related to Life after Life, as well as welcoming each topic touching the physical Death, the concept of Destiny, and the experiences of psychics, channelers and holistic operators, now will "move on" to show its films in various locations of Italy.

The first tap at Lecce, introduced by the arts director Annunziato Gentiluomo at distance, and hosted by the selecting manager Andrea Morghen and the short film  jury coordinator Lucio Toma in room will give the start, at 6.30 pm, to the vision of Alice Gadbled's movie " Rock Out" (Belgium, 2019), winner as best short, followed by Murat Saigoner's film "The Flying Fish" (Turkey, 2019) earned a special award and finally Thomas Ash's work " Sending Off" (Japan, 2019) prized as best documentary of Lblff 2021. To enjoy an unforgettable evening, enhanced by the presence of Annalisa Perrino, a well-known psychic from Salento/Italy, telling the audience her life story and how she experiences her gift of mediumship.